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Light Box 10,000 Lumens for Depression with a Seasonal Component:

Light Box Very Small and Portable

Mindfulness book by Jon Kabat Zinn

Hard cover book

Mindfulness Guided Meditations from Jon Kabat Zinn

Audio CD
Audio CD

Sugar Free Gummy Vitamins, and over the counter medications and supplemements

Men’s Sugar Free Gummy Vitamins
Women’s Sugar Free Gummy Vitamins
Omeprazole (ask if interacts with your medications)
Melatonin Extended Release
Soy Isoflavones

Teas, Laxative Tea, and Psyllium Husk Powder

Matcha Antioxidant Tea
Camomile Lavender Tea
Laxative Tea
Psyllium Husk Powder

Respiratory infection and allergy and asthma related products:

3M N95 Masks
3M N95 Foldable Masks
Hepa Filter Small
Filter Replacement

Getting Organized Products, especially helpful for patients with ADHD or memory issues:

Loop Engage Sound Reduction Ear Plugs
Closet Organizer Large
Closet Organizer Small
Spare Key Lock Box
Clear Storage 1
Clear Storage 2
Clear Storage 3

Technology Products Helpful for Video Telehealth Visit:

Tablet and Phone Holder
USB C to Ethernet Adapter with 3 USB Ports
Noise Cancel Headset
Small Round Light
USB to Lightning Charger 6 feet
Multi-plug Wall outlet Adapter

Cooking and Nutrition Related Products (make your own healthy frozen meals):

1 Cup Silicone Food Portion Freezer Trays
2 Cup Silicone Food Portion Freezer Trays

Sobriety Tokens

Diabetic Related Products (Comfort and Style):

Diabetic Dress Socks
Diabetic Dress Socks 2

Nasal Saline Rinse and Sprays for Patients with Allergies:

Nasal Rinse
Rinse Saline Packets
Saline Nasal Mist Spray
Flonase Over the Counter Allergy Spray