Helpful Resources and Links

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Alcohol Recovery Groups

1.) SMART RECOVERY is not religious nor spiritual based

2.) Western Mass. Alcoholic Anonymous (AA)

3.) Al-Anon Support for family members who have a loved one with alcohol related problems

(click on above link, and then “Find an Al-Anon meeting”)- for groups in Westerm MA and additional resources.

American Psychological Association Help Center:

American Psychiatric Association Resources:

Patients and Families (Learn about common mental disorders, including symptoms, risk factors and treatment options.):

Medication Disposal Sites for Controlled Substances:

National Alliance on Mental Illness of Western MA

Support, groups, and education for patients and families.

Smoking Cessation through Smoking Cessation

Therapist Search Engines: (to find a specific type of therapy, by area, and by insurances accepted)

Psychology Today Therapist and Psychiatric Prescriber Search Engine:

American Psychological Association Therapist Search Engine:

HelpPro Therapist Search Engine:

Find a psychiatrist near you: